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I can do a lot of things.

Maybe that’s a bit overstated... but it’s true. My professional life has been the very picture of breadth, with high level positions in a strong variety of industries. Each station I’ve held has been underscored by my ability to use my skills, improve them, and pick up new ones. Every jump I’ve made has added a new dimension to my own personal brand.

After I graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, I spent some time in sports media. I worked with a local ESPN affiliate and a national agency representing motorsports athletes before spending time in the United Kingdom working with a PGA professional. I returned to the US to work with a local print media company, which ultimately inspired me to publish my own fitness magazine called NJ Iron. The magazine was released in five editions during the same period of time that I was coaching personal fitness sessions. 


I later began a significant stint in the restaurant industry. I worked with two separate fast casual franchise restaurants to improve operational efficiency and grow a brand from virtually nothing. These positions both afforded me the opportunity to manage day-to-day restaurant operations and to develop high level growth in the form of new franchise openings. During this time I procured substantial experience in business management principles, as well as franchise building. My team was able to take a local mom-and-pop chain and turn it into an international franchise that now has locations all over the US, Europe and Australia.


I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit - so when my good friend of many years asked me to help him get his technology startup off the ground, I knew that it was a clear next step for me. I served Divine Digital Agency as the Chief Operations Officer from its inception, which gave me the opportunity to further hone my creative design and project management skills as it relates to digital media. Within the family of companies associated with Divine Digital grew my most recent position with ScanTurf Franchise, Inc. Originally a client of Divine Digital that turned into a partner, ScanTurf is a Scandinavian-based artificial turf company with its sights set on the United States. It was my job to establish a US entity and run the sales and operations involved in a local artificial turf company. In its first year, over thirty projects were completed creating traction locally in a new industry.


Now as I have moved into my own operation I am proud to stay that I still have excellent relationships with all of my previous companies, and even continue to serve some of them on a contract-basis. 

I would love to meet you to talk about how my experience can fill the gap between where you are and where you need to be. How about lunch?

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