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Marketing & Design Services

Deliverable-oriented contract work by project or hour

Operational & Consulting Services

Fill the gap between where you are currently, and where you need to be


Website Design & Enhancement

Create a new site or optimize your current site.

Branding & Rebranding

Every business needs a strong brand! Create a new identity or refresh your current branding.

Collateral Design

Create advertisements, flyers, and other tangible assets to market your business.

Digital Marketing

All things digital from social media content and management to search engine marketing.

Marketing Campaigns

Create optimized and executable marketing campaigns that highlight the most convertible aspects of your business.

Operational Consulting

Options to dive into operational efficiency, including numbers analyses, employees and overall strategy.

Franchise Consulting

Looking to franchise your business? Looking to buy a franchise? Get answers to your questions here.

Growth & Overall Strategy

Success is more attainable with the destination in mind. What are your specific goals for success and how will you attain them?




Elevate Medical Clinic

Joe is on a level of his own when it comes to his work. He is very well rounded and strong in multiple field and has the ability to tie everything together. He has made a lifelong customer and friend out of me.



A Deep Dive Session to Promote Strategy & Growth

Discuss your most pressing challenges, gain insight on different opportunities or simply bounce ideas off an industry expert. We'll talk marketing, operations, and strategy over this intensive 3+ Hour session.


It’s a relaxed idea exchange with out any commitment!


If you like what you hear, we can also discuss ways to expand the collaboration, entirely at your option. 


Fill out a survey giving details about your current situation.


Come to the table ready to explore and collaborate.


Produce, develop and get fired up!

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J. Michael

My goal is to fill the gap between where you are and where you hope to get to. 

Whether in the capacity of consulting, deliverables or specialized contract work, my broad experience lends itself to be an ideal plugin for virtually any company or program.

Adding Consulting to the business name helps to concisely encompass all aspects of what I do and can do. But you could just as easily substitute that word for solutions, design, marketing, or even perspectives.

Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective from an experienced player. Other times you need a project contractor who can think and create beyond a static scope. Whatever your needs, my clients have the opportunity to take advantage of my wide scope of industry experiences as we strategize and ultimately build together.

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